Try Our New Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake!

Our original homemade creamy cheesecake with a swirl of our new European raspberry jam, its seedless and smooth, with just the right amount of sweet.

Paczki Will Return on February 1st!

Our scratch make paczki are each carefully made from scratch and then individually hand rolled and fried, every one is then double coated in powdered sugar. This Polish donut is known here as "The Biggest, Sweetest, Richest Donut On The Planet"

Paczki are available with our without our Homemade Real Whipped Cream.

Pecan Pie!

Try our chocolate chip walnut pie too!

Ricotta and Chocolate Ricotta Pies!

Homemade from scratch!

We make both a traditional ricotta pie and our new chocolate ricotta pie which has a generous layer of chocolate ganache between layers of ricotta in the pie. All of our ricotta pies are made with our own handmade shortdoh crust that we make here from scratch. Both pies also feature our homemade ricotta filling with perfect balance of sweet and creamy.

Perfect For Parties!