Only Here For The Holidays!

Our Famous Yule Logs!

Theese decadent holidy cakes sure are something special. We roll our homemade sponge cake around layers of our delicious chocolate cake. Decorated with care to look like a festive yule log that you can't wait to chop into!
Availabe In - Chocolate Mousse Or Mocha Mousse

Santa Short Doh Cookies!

For the kids and adults alike!

We make our yummy shortbread cookies and oour buttercream frosting from scratch so you find quality like this in a frosted cookie antywhere else! Our talented cake deorator will make each and every cookie into a festive Santa. Bring some to your holiday party! Or bring one home for the kids! These beautiful and tasty treats make a perfect table centerpiece or dessert plate.

Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Our homemade pumpkin pie is simply to die for, we make our pies smooth and creamy with 100% real pumpkin frash eggs and milk from our local dairy. Theese are not your run of the mill mass produced pies, every one is hand crafted by our baker. We use 10" pie plates for our crust and stuff them to the brim!

Pecan And Ricotta Pies!

We only make theese pies for the holidays so make sure you get one this season before they're all gone.!