Paczki Will Be Back Soon!

The richest sweetest donut on the planet!

The best youve ever had, we hand roll and hand fry each and every single paczki, they are double rolled in sugar and geneously filled with our homemae real whipped cream and fruit fillings, or you can have them plain glazed, or with only the fruit fillings.
Paczki will start bieng made on February 1st.

Gingerbread Cream Squares!

Fresh and made from scratch!

We make our own homemade delicios gingerbread from scratch with real ginger and molasses. Our gingerbread cream squares are generiously filled with our homemade real whipped cream.

Ricotta and Chocolate Ricotta Pies!

Try our traditioal ricotta pie make from scratch here, with our own ricotta and homemade shortdoh crust, or try our twist on the classic ricotta pie with our chocolate ricotta pie. The chocolate ricotta pie has a creamy layer of chocolate ganache in the center of the ricotta and is topped with a chocolate ganache drizzle.